Each morning you can rise and shine with our sumptuous breakfast buffet – from sweet pastry to savory ham and cheese – in our sunny breakfast room or outdoors on poolside. 

Main meals are served in the restaurant on the first floor with a panoramic terrace to enjoy the most enthralling sea views.

Our chef prepares delicious pasta, meat and fish that reflect the culinary mastery of Italian and regional cooking, complemented with a fresh vegetable bar and an assortment of appetizers. Daily homemade desserts and pastries, memorable treats that Italy is so famous for.

During peak season we offer at lunch a meat and fish barbecue. Chilled buffet dinners served poolside are only a few of the special evenings waiting for you at Hotel Imperial Sport.

We organise beach parties, ethnic and gala dinners, theme evening with live entertainment.


CHILDREN are our special guests, so we have created a special menu just for them, with carefully selected products.


In case you have any food allergies or intolerances please let us know, so that we may adapt your meals accordingly.


Our sumptuous breakfast buffet will help you start the day in the sweetest possible way!

Espresso – Filter coffee – Caffeine free coffee – Malt coffee – Cappuccino – Hot chocolate – Fine tea selection – Milk – Soja milk – Natural and Sparkling water

Natural fruit juices
Pressed Orange – Vegetable and juice

Ace (Orange / Carrots) – Orange – Pineapple – Apple

Baker’s delights
White bread – Brown bread – Black bread – Multi wheat bread – Assortment of bread rolls – Rusk slices – Wasa bread – Toast

Strawberry – Orange – Cherry – Apricot – Peach – Berries – Blackberry –  Red current – Blueberry – Nutella

Thousand Flower Honey – Acacia Honey – Berry Honey

Cold cuts
Ham – Salami – Mortadella – Lyoner

Assortment of cheese
Emmentaler – Edamer – Formaggini – Small mozzarellas – Spread

Cherry tomatoes – celery – carrots

Whole – Berries – Fruit selection

Corn Flakes – Rice Crispies – Choco Krispies – Chocolate Muesli – Crispy Muesli – Crispy Muesli with forest fruits – Jungle – Rice cornflakes with honey and chocolate.

Fruit, fresh and in syrup
Apple – Orange – Fruit cocktail – Plums in syrup – Pears in syrup – Peach in syrup

Tutti frutti
Banana – Fruit salad – Line seeds – Sunflower seeds

Warm Delights
Scrambled eggs – Omelette of your choice with ham, speck or bacon

Bakery selection
Jam Tart – Chocolate cake – Ricotta cheese cake –  Biscuits – Cake – Muffin – Doughnut – Selection of savory pies

Fagottini with chocolate – Girella with raisins – Plain Croissant  – Croissant with nutella

Gluten free: Cakes and cookies