Amusement parks

Acquarium Parco Le Navi * Cattolica
The building, which hosts the Cattolica aquarium dates back to 1932 and was originally used as a school for sailors and today represents one of the most beautiful and unique futuristic structures along the whole of the Adriatic coast, to discover many sea species, such as different species of sharks to be admired from the outside or diving into their big tank to experience exciting emotions. The building looks like a naval fleet ready to sail!

Acquafan * Riccione
The 90 thousand sq. mts of this Riccione hillside. It gathers 3 kilometres of water chutes, amazing shows, absorbing entertainment activities, good music and many more.

Oltremare * Riccione
The Oltremare and Imax Park illustrate the wonders and marvels of the planet Earth and its seas by means of an incredible journey through time. The extinction of the dinosaur, Seahorses, predatory birds, funny, friendly farm animals and a spectacular dolphin show.

Fiabilandia * Rimini south
For the little ones a beautiful Fiabilandia Park famous Castle of Merlin the Wizard, with lots of rides, shows and walks through the park … it’s also where you can find Captain Nemo, Peter Pan, The Magic Village, The Old Troll and many more fantastic characters.

Italia in miniature * Rimini North
you can find more than 270 perfect reproductions of the most popular natural beauties and monuments throughout Italy as well as parts of Europe, in addition there is the romantic city of Venice, reduced to 1/5 … so you can sail down the Grand Canal …!

Oasi Eden Park * Rimini North
Wildlife Refuge for birds aquatic and terrestrial. Rare birds, exotic, colorful, sinuous and elegant, in a large green garden. The animals roam in complete freedom within the park and can be observed in their natural behaviors. The walk in the park is enriched by beautiful plants and water features.

The park is home to parrots, the albino rhea, ostrich sudamerico, mute swans, blacks swans, flamingos, pheasants, peacocks, antigone the crane, the crane maid and many species of geese: Indian, white face, haway, Red-necked, pigeon, emperor.

Ferrari Museum * San Marino
You will find the beautiful Ferrari Museum…but also the largest Adventure Park on the Adriatic Riviera. The Aviation theme Park, the largest of its type in Italy !

Skypark Adventure Park * Perticara – Novafeltria
Natural parks and parks it risks: trying his own concentration, the equilibrium and the courage, games they are overcome that connect the trees with bridges, cables, nets and gangways to live an involving and exciting experience of adventure with great satisfaction for children, boys and adults.

Mirabilandia * Ravenna
The largest and most famous funfair in Italy, the 850,000-square metre-large funfair gathers green oases, lush gardens, charming lakes and 44 funny attractions for both adults and children.